quest 1 []the beginning the adventurers (for what ever reason) start out in the small town called Jerusalem and a guard comes up to them and says “dear god will you help me!” if the adventurers say yes the guard says “the kings daughter was shot! the culprit went into the dungeon. we cant leave the kings side. please help us catch him. when the adventurers go down in the dungeon the see the the assassin and over hear him talking to him self in draconic (but the pc’s don’t know that) a successful listen check (dc 25/dc 15 if on of the characters know draconic) reveals he was talking about a invasion by the gnolls.

[] combat after they hear this the assassin turns around and lounges at the attacking the weakest one first. on the first attack the assassin has a 25% chance of stealth attacking the strongest person.

[] return with the assassin when the pc’s fist comes out the guard rushes to the pc’s and says thank thank you very much for the return of this evil villain the gate bust down and 3 knights come out and the assassin gets away

[]combat 2 there are 2 main soldiers that are carrying long swords+1 (1d8+1) and there is 1 commander with a bastard sword 1d10

[]end of quest after the battle the gaurd will approch the adventurers and reward them 50 gp each.

quest2 gnolls lair

after the guard give the pc’s reward he will say ” while we comfort the king can you further explore the dungeon. if the adventurers say yes the guard sends them to the dungeon

when they first enter the dungeon the dm will read this allowed

you see a large room with many cob webs on the ceiling and a alter at the distance and you also see several bags with yellowish mold growing on it and to you east you see a long corridor that spans about 20ft

if the pc’s even touch the mold on or near the sacks it blows up in the air. dealing the adventurers 1d6 constitution damage every hour.

when they go down the long corridor about a couple of squares in (10 ft)there is a trap

    • Level 3 lurker
    • flaming arrow trap
    • trap
    • XP 2000
    • trap 6 arrows on fire shoot out of the wall
    • Perception
    • DC 16: you see multipul holes in the wall
    • DC 18: you see a arrow aligned hole in the wall followed by more holes
    • DC 21: you see a wired mechanism across the floor leading to the wall filled with arrows
    • doungeneering, trap seeker
    • DC 25: you see what could be a potential trap in the wall
    • DC 12: u see a flaming arrow trap
    • Trigger
    • a invisible (dc 21 to see)thread running across the floor to the trap
    • Attack
    • flaming•ranged
    • Attack: 2d6
    • Hit: a flaming arrow hits you in your legs/arms/chest and u fell the pain indulge u until u black out
    • Aftereffect: several burns around the affected area – 1 on melee attack rolls and initiative
    • Miss: u see a bunch of arrows fly by u and all u ca feel is he heat coming from them
    • Created with’s DM Tools

gnolls of tegonoth