hondamotox found himself awake in a mysterous starngers, forced to go on to learn about his mysterious past



str 16, dex 12, con 13, wis 16, int 10, cha 11,

skill list

climb str, jump str, intimidate cha, swim str, concentration, spellcraft, dechipher script, knowledge arcana, knowledge the planes, knowledge doungeneering, ride, handle animal, alchemy fire,

combat casting, scribe scroll, empower spell,


backpack, belt pouch, bedroll, flint and steel, hempen rope 50ft, sunrod (2), trail rations (10 days), waterskin , hondas spellbook, spell componant pouch, +2 masterwork bastard sword 1d10 +2, sap 1d4, quarterstaff, crossbow heavy 1d10 30ft, bolts crossbow 50, gauntlents of ogre power +2 str, pot cure light wounds 5, acid 4, gp 1,700,


honda awoke on day in a city, shocked to find out he couldnt remember anything. he has no choice but to go along with it all


gnolls of tegonoth honda_motox